About Karen

Karen Adams, International Feng Shui Practitioner specializing in House Whispering.

Karen’s other areas of expertise include:  Shamballa (Reiki) Master, Student of Sacred Geometry, House Clearing & Cleansing, Mineral/Crystal Healing & Grids, Akashic Record Reading, Intuitive and Channel.  Karen has expertly Integrated these modalities in her Feng Shui practice.

My love for reorganizing and clearing clutter naturally led me to the practice of Feng Shui.

I soon came to realize that there was more to balancing the home and following the Bagua Map.  I needed to hear what the house had to say! 
What is your house telling you? 
Having practiced Feng Shui Internationally for over 10 years, and having received my certification in Essential Feng Shui™ at the Western School of Feng Shui, my expertise in the Art of Balancing the Elements according to Feng Shui Principles has fostered the ability to hear the house’s voice. This practice has proven delightful and many homeowners have been happily following their homes requests with everyone feeling balanced and in the care of a loving environment. In many cases the house has revealed it’s name, wishing to be acknowledged and part of the family. 
I help balance the house elementally according to Feng Shui principles, essentially bringing the outdoors in.  
In feeling the energy of the home, I can usually detect discord and suggest changes to affect every area of your life.  Your home is a direct reflection as to how your life is going.  People struggling with only one area of their life are easily and quickly put back on track and once the area of discord is pointed out, it is usually an obvious “ah ha” moment.Consider taking the journey to Naturally Open Your Feng Shui Eyes.

I offer this through education, workshops and speaking engagements, in home consults, and  incorporating not only Feng Shui but other modalities leading to balance.