Are You Ready for Change?

Are you ready for change? This is a question you must ask yourself and believe.

Making the physical changes recommended by a Feng Shui Consult can only go so far. If you aren’t ready for the change, it’s not going to happen.

Negative energy can only be replaced with positive energy. When the Feng Shui consultant tells you to replace a negative picture with a positive picture, so must your attitude change. Often it’s easy as the client who calls is usually ready, and the picture is usually obvious. But, your attitude in general must be ready to make the change.

I recently had the pleasure of redesigning a Women’s Transitional Home. The residents stated that the room they wanted redesigned wasn’t working for them any longer and that the dark corner with a purple chaise chair wasn’t being used and should be removed. The residents had negative associations with the chair.
Being a charity there is no large budget to purchase furniture. Especially to remove a newer, extra large chair (that seemingly had nothing wrong with it) and find a replacement. A decision was made – the chair had to stay.

Upon close examination of the chair – it seemed slightly dirty and had the appearance of “not belonging” in the room. I had the chair steam cleaned and placed it under a window with a stiff breeze to air dry it. I changed the curtains on the window nearby, added a happy tulip picture on the wall behind, repositioned (the chair) on an angle, put a whimsical colorful bendy arm lamp in the corner and added 2 lavender heart pillows.

The reaction…..the residents now “love” the chair, use it often and cannot believe the transformation. It is now a bright active spot where children play close by, and where parents can sit/relax to supervise or read books with their children.

This is a great example of Positive Intentions. The residents were ready for a change, and after seeing a positive transformation were ready to embrace it and move ahead.

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