Are you ready?

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Are you ready for Feng Shui?  This is a question you must ask yourself. Making the physical changes recommended by a Feng Shui Consult can only go so far. If you aren’t ready for the change mentally, it’s probably not going to happen.

Negative energy will not disappear, unless you are ready to replace it with Positive intentions.

I recently had the pleasure of redesigning a multi purpose room in a Women’s Transitional Home. The residents wanted the multi purpose room redesigned to include a play area for the children and a TV area for the adults.  There was a purple chaise chair in this room which they unanimously disliked and mentioned it was in a cold dark area of the room.  Apparently no one wanted to sit on the chair and suggested its removal. The residents had strong negative associations with this chair.

Being a charity there is no large budget and removing a perfectly fine chair is wasteful to say the least. It was decided the chair would have to stay.  The chair was steam cleaned and placed under a window with a stiff breeze to air dry. The curtains were changed, a happy tulip picture was placed on the wall, we repositioned (the chair) on an angle, put a whimsical colorful bendy arm lamp to fill in the corner and add light, and added 2 lavender heart pillows. The residents have a new appreciation for this chair, and use it often as a relaxing chair to read and play with their children.  The transformation of the chair actually transformed the room and the occupants are all happier for it.

This is a great example of Positive Intentions. The residents were ready for a change; they embraced the idea of enhancing their environment including the chair and found a renewed energy that was lacking in this room.

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