Do You Like the Color Red?

So do I – red is my personal favorite.

The areas in your home where red is a great enhancer is the Fame Gua. Is this really an important Gua? Oh yes it is!

Fame and Reputation is a very important aspect in your life. You need to be sure this Gua is kept in order. Without your reputation your career and love life could be at risk. Then your family and wealth could be impacted. Your creativity would slump and that could lead to poor self esteem and change the ability to stay centered. You wouldn’t have the means to educate yourself so your ability for knowledge and self cultivation would be sidelined. Like I said, this is an important Gua.

They are all important Guas – they all need special attention.

Be sure this areas is balanced with other colors and elements. Fame likes Fire, so using the element works well (in case you don’t like red!) Use lighting, lamps, candles or even a picture of a sun face works well. Keeping a pet in this Gua is a great Fire Element – live Chi represents Fire. Be sure the pet is clean and healthy.

picture courtesy of: Salvatore Vuono at Free Digital

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