Enhancing Travel and Helpful People Gua

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Why enhance this area? It doesn’t sound important?

Feng Shui believes in balance and every Gua should be equally enhanced. You can’t always get your health balanced without a good Dr. Nor, can your career take off without helpful people. What good is a great career without the great paycheck or the ability to travel? How about staying centered – can you accomplish everything you want without being centered. Every Gua is connected – just as everything in your life is connected. This Gua is about experiencing synchronicity in your life.

Tweaking your travel section is as simple as collecting postcards; even ones you have bought yourself. I buy them everywhere I go, and usually never get around to mailing them. Instead, I keep them on a bulletin board in my travel section. The travel Gua is the area to keep pictures and/or mementos of your travels, where you would like to travel or even travel related memorabilia you have received as a gift.

The travel Gua is also an area for enhancing the “helpful people” in your life or lack thereof. Keep pictures of dear friends and helpful people in your life. This is where that poster of Einstein, Beethoven’s Bust, Buddha, Jesus on the Cross or lovely angelic figurines can be kept for optimum Gua enhancement. Keep things that remind you of the people or figures you admire and would love to receive help or guidance from, even from the spiritual realm. Consider keeping white, silver and gray in this area. Metal items are especially enhancing, and this is where you can keep that silver intention box or bowl.

This area is also great for times you feel as though life isn’t fair, or you are planning a move and would like it to transition smoothly.

When arranging this Gua, intentionally place items that represent travel or helpful people, always clearly state in your mind or out loud your desired intentions and the desired outcome. If this area is not conducive to adding the above features, writing a very short sentence clearly stating your intentions and keeping the note in this area is a great way to intentionally bring in Helpful People and Travel.

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