Feng Shui explores the intimate connection between you and your environment

Enhancing your environment can change your Chi.

Feng Shui can be traced back more than 3,000 years. Ancient Geomancers of China noticed a relationship between man and his environment and by aligning the environment; change would occur. Feng Shui is the practice of aligning the energy of your environment to cause positive change.

Quantum Physics is a modern version of what the ancient Chinese Geomancers noticed.

Everything is alive! Einstein’s formula E=MC2. Einstein explains the relationship of energy and matter as interchangeable. Everything is energy; dancing, fluid and ever changing.

Unknown to most people, we are picking up the vibrations of EVERYTHING around us, all that we eat, smell, hear and see. Both indoors and outdoors, inert and alive. Our furniture, car, furnace, children, clothing….on and on. This energy is constant and affects our unconscious. Feng Shui taps into this connection between man and his environment; seeking to harness the flow. This allows us to tap into this vast resource of energy surrounding us, using it to our advantage and potential.

I think Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys was actually onto something when he wrote “Good Vibrations”.

Take a look at the picture; can’t you just feel this energy?

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