Welcome Spring and Welcome Chi

Well it’s time to think about going outdoors and freshening up the yard after a long, cold winter. Why not start at the front entrance? Consider the outdoor mat, does it need replacing? Maybe a new wreath for the season and be sure to sweep away the cobwebs and leaves that have accumulated.

Your front entrance and door is critical in Feng Shui. The front entrance is the mouth of the chi and you need to keep this areas fresh and tidy, always! You want to attract and invite the Chi to your door. Chi is attracted to well kept, clean, shiny, tinkling, trickling, twirling objects! That’s right. Consider Chi a curious creature, and to attract it’s attention you need a meandering path with interesting and fragrant plants,sculptures,water features,wind chimes. Of course not all of these, but one or 2 that add interest and that you enjoy.

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