Meaning of Colors

Colors are a large part our lives with a direct affect on our psyche; use liberally within homes and on body!
Color meanings:


•Red: fire energy, passion, anger, aggressive
•Orange: earth, self empowerment, success, joy
•Yellow: earth, communication, grounding, cheerfulness
•Green: wood, healing, prosperity, nurturing, nature, growth, calm
•Blue: water, evokes emotional and intellectual activity, tranquil
•Purple: harmonizing color, regal, spiritual, magical, intuitive
•White: purity, protection
•Black: absorbs negative energy
•Gray: neutral, evokes no emotions, too much of this color lowers body’s energy
•Brown: grounding, security, can be used for health
•Pink: muted fire energy, love, gentleness, femininity
•Peach: color of drama and flirtation
•Gold: godly kingdom
•Silver: deep wisdom, the moon, woman


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