Top 6 Feng Shui Tips to Help Sell Your House

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1. Engage your Senses

    Sight.  Does your home look good? Clear off all horizontal space (counters yes counters, tables, and dressers).  This makes for an abundance of surface area, giving the home a clean and spacious feel.

    Smell.  Does your home smell good? Start by opening every window for at least 10 minutes every day.  Leave a few windows open (even a crack) while the house is being viewed.  Smelling last night’s dinner, your son’s hockey equipment or the kitty litter box is not going to help sell your house.  Not sure if your house smells or not?  Assume you can’t smell and remedy it anyhow.  The majority of people prefer earthy scents so use cinnamon or pine (even citrus lemon), rather than florals and vanilla.  Boiling a pot with pine needles or cinnamon sticks works very well.

      Sound.  Does your home sound dead still? Consider leaving soft music on while the house is being shown.  A water fountain can have a lovely tinkling sound that is pleasant to the ears.  Leave overhead ceiling fans circulating slowly to keep the energy moving.

        Feeling.  Does your home feel alright? And you know what I’m talking about.  If you keep looking at that missing spindle on the staircase and it’s driving you nutty – then your house isn’t feeling alright.  Begin by assessing whether each room is easy to enter, does the door open fully?  Do sliding doors and windows open easily?  Do you have mirrors across from doors or windows?  If you do remove them immediately as the energy is reflected back out the door or window.  You want to keep the energy in the home.  Do you have the toilet seat down; Chi tends to go down toilets and drains.

          2. Front Door & Street appeal

          This is probably the most important area to work on. The front door!   Sales are directly related to first appearances.  From the street you can decide whether it’s tired and withered or if it’s fresh and exciting.  The door represents the house; the door represents your career!  Notice how magazines show the door to many homes and business’.  They seem to stick in your memory.  That’s how you want buyers to remember your door of your house.  You can go with any color that compliments the siding, bright doors always add punch.  Black doors work well when placed in the middle of the house as they correspond with the Career Gua and if you want to rev that up….well I digress.  Read more on doors and Career in my next blog.  Add a fresh door mat; put some flowers in pots to flank the door.  Add wind chimes, fountains, statuary, rock gardens anything that calls in the Chi.

          3. Clear the clutter

          Put away 30 – 50% of your “stuff” this allows the prospective buyer “room” to move in.  Start your packing early. The more spacious the home looks the more the prospective buyer can visualize themselves in your home.  Got tons of family photos, start packing them up for the move.  It’s hard to imagine yourself in someone’s home with all their personal pictures and belongings.  Go with the minimalist look when showcasing your home.  Make it easy on yourself and start the packing now!  Believe me, your house will show better and you will have less to dust and vacuum around while you are waiting for the right buyer.  Keep reminding yourself that the buyers need to visualize themselves in your home.  Your clutter is tied to you and no one wants someone else’s clutter!

          4. Correctly place the For Sale Sign

          Make sure the sign is in the Yang position.  This is the right side of the door as you look at it.

          5. Make a welcome vignette

          This is a little area set up somewhere easy to see when the buyer is walking through.  Have a plate of cookies or chocolates or a small flower arrangement; find some pictures of the house in the summer with flowers in bloom.  Place this all on a red cloth with the realtors business cards standing up as they don’t want to be laying down on the job!

          6. Energize the Helpful People Gua

          This area is located at the front right hand side of the door.  See my Bagua Map to help find this Gua.  Helpful people come in all sizes and strange ways.  Energizing this area could stimulate a work associate to tell a friend’s sister about your house!

          Now set your intention for attracting the right buyer, at the right time, at the price, who is ready to move in when you are ready to move out.  Breath, relax and enjoy the last days in your home.



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