What’s Your House’s Name?


Shortly after moving into our home we took a trip to England and noticed that houses in the UK had names! Traditionally this was your address; street numbers and names didn’t exist.  The name grew organically out of the house’s site and history (Rose Cottage because it had climbing roses all over it, Southington Manor because it was owned by Lord Southington).

In the case of a close friend living in the UK she chose to rename her house because “Cobwebs” just didn’t give her a warm and fuzzy feeling.  I remember her telling me how confused the delivery men were at first until they got onto the new name. This was now a new address as there is no number in fact there is no street name either!  Her new address is: Laurel Cottage, The Street.  I always loved that she could choose her house name; and so it became my mission to find a name for my house. I set about searching the internet and stumbled upon some interesting stories on how people here in North America chose their house names.

  • We jokingly named our house the “Green Machine” because when we bought it there was 3000 square feet of green shag carpet.
  • My house is called “Dorothy Palmer”. We keep getting (junk) mail addressed to her, no matter how we try to stop it, so we decided it’s all for the house.
  • Our little house is called Acorn Cottage, for no other reason than we like acorns, the home is tiny, and I’m kind of a nut…

I went back and forth and my husband weighed in on the matter; I wasn’t coming up with anything clever or catchy. I decided to try guided visualization to see if I could glean something from what my house could tell me.  To my delight I was astonished that my house revealed the name Aelwyd a word that I since found out to be an ancient Welsh word that is seldom used in the welsh language any longer – it’s meaning “house or home”.  Since that experience I have been able to feel the energy of a home and communicate what the house is saying.  Many times I hear its name and small changes that the house feels needs to take place in order for everyone within to feel more at peace and help develop a relationship.

If you love your house and want to know what it has to say….contact me to set up an appointment.

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May the wind and water of Feng Shui energize your home!

~Karen the Feng Shui Lady

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