Using Clear Crystals as a Feng Shui Enhancer

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My number 1 absolutely favourite Feng Shui cure is the clear crystal.

It’s amazing list of abilities are many:

• It can catch and redirect energy

• It has the powerful ability to break up stagnant energy

• It can slow down fast moving energy, and speed up slow moving energy.

Personally, every house should have at least one; they are attractive and reflect the powerful sun element to reflect a beautiful rainbow on your wall.

Because I’m asked so often about these I’ve outlined below the criteria for using clear crystals.

Using a clear crystal:

• Crystal must be clear not colored (glass or lead) crystal

• Crystal must be no smaller than 40 cm (the larger the better)

• Crystal must be round multi faceted

Use a crystal where stagnant energy is “stuck” or where an area could use “extra” enhancing.

Crystals should be hung in a space where they can be effective from all sides, either from the ceiling or in a window. Hang the crystal low enough for energy to be captured but high enough that it clears the head of the tallest person in your home.

If you are hanging it in a window that is large and wide; consider hanging it from a curtain rod, or ceiling in front of the window. A plunger on the window will work but use this method as a last resort. Crystals do a fantastic job of directing sunlight; so much that they have been known to cause fires. Be especially cautious when hanging in a hot and sunny location.

If you will be using the crystal for a long hallway, hang from the ceiling (either end) to capture and slow the energy down.

If you have steps that are steep and narrow especially coming down straight into a door way or into a doorway (at the top), hang the crystal at the bottom of the stairs, above the last step. Be sure to hang it high enough not to touch the head of the tallest person in your home.

Lastly, try to keep 1 to a room and beware of their energy enhancing qualities. They can really enliven a space. There is always the factor of having too much of a good thing.

Best of Luck and please send an email if you have any further questions about crystals.

-Karen the Feng Shui Lady


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