Using Crystals in Feng Shui

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Pictured above is Bismuth on the left and a Herkimer Diamond on the right

The modern day fascination with Crystals is more than a New Age interest.  Working with crystals/gemstones is recorded as far back as Ancient Greece; some claim that Atlantis and ancient Egypt practiced working with Crystal Energy.

Wherever its origins we have come to realize that working with crystal energies does affect both our wellbeing and environmental wellbeing.  Ancient Chinese discovered these abilities and harnessed the crystal energies to bring in the natural rhythms of life force energy.  Medieval Europe wore gemstones around their neck to help cure ailments; their royalty lined gemstones on their crowns and clothing.

Using crystals is more than a pretty decoration.

When working with crystals you will learn to feel their particular vibration.  Vibrations are part of our environment and we are often heard saying “I like that person’s vibe” or “I didn’t like the vibe of that place”.

We already are aware of vibrations and only need to become aware of the vibrations of the crystal kingdom to help us create a balanced environment or use them for healing.

Each crystal has a Deva within; once you have learned to clean and sit with the stone in meditation you will certainly start feeling its energy and eventually have contact with the Deva within.  Often the Devas have names and you will realize their personality or way of speech.

In Feng Shui, the Bagua is defined by Element; each element is defined by a shape, color and gem.  Anyone of these can be used to help balance a space or room.  Using crystals for balancing is a quick way to get a room back in balance.  Sometimes a room has been in balance but because of a messy, loud or annoying guest, or a recent argument the balance of the space is off.

It can be as simple as adding a crystal for balance.

The size of crystal is not important as the smallest of crystals can have a large impact when it comes to the energy they emit.  The beauty of using crystals is that the energy they emit is subtle and loving and can easily be added or removed without moving furniture or using fire in the form of candles or smudging.  In fact you can use crystals in a space before the annoying guest has arrived, oftentimes they can soften a space and those occupying it can feel the gentle energy and loving embrace, thus changing their own energy to match.

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