The Devic Realm and Your Garden

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Have you found yourself completely smitten with a flower in your yard that suddenly opened and seemed to be speaking to you?

Do you have an unusual interest in a tree whose branches seem to reach out and tap you on the head?

Do you love standing near a stream or waterfall?

Do the mountains attract you, oceans amaze you?

What about the sky; do you see shapes in the clouds, or become fascinated by fire?

All of these are representations of the Devic Realm; and you are obviously noticing their subtle presence.

Why the fascination after all this time?  Modern man has closed off nature from our everyday life; our homes are made to keep out the elements and nature itself (bugs, sun, wind, dirt).  Our homes are furnished with plastic and synthetic materials.

We have come to realize that we crave Nature Elements in our everyday lives and feel more balanced and alive when we live with nature.

We strive for inner balance by seeking nature which is the outer balance. When we are near the natural elements we become mesmerized and energized by its unique and subtle vibration.  Feng Shui harnesses that energy and helps you bring it into your home and into your yard or space.

Learning about the Devic Realm is a journey; it will seem difficult at first but realize that we as human beings have shut off all contact with the Devic Realm.

One must learn to approach the Devic Realm with grace and humility; once your earnest attempt has been accepted you will find them to be amazing and awe inspiring; you will have learned to resonate with the Devic energies.

Imagine that for every flower, tree and plant there is a representative. There are also representatives from the elements of earth, fire, water and air.  You will not have trouble finding one to commune with once your energies match the vibration of the elementals.

We have long sought out Nature’s Biggest Canyons, Mountains or Waterfalls; special gardens and deserts.  Isn’t it interesting that these natural wonders all have high concentrations of the Devic Realm?

Communication takes place through our own personal abilities. Some people have the ability to “see” using their clairvoyant skills.  While others “hear”, some draw pictures or use automatic handwriting.  However, using our intuition seems to be the easiest and most common method of communicating.

Devas have the ability to help us cooperate with nature, offer practical advice on a variety of topics not all dealing with nature.

Their role is to help us navigate the Earth Realm, helping us stay in balance using our underutilized sensitive and loving internal nature.

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