Overhead Beams and Feng Shui

Overhead beams are a pleasing architectural delight; however in Feng Shui they are an obvious malady.  Occupants can experience a weight on their shoulders, feelings of suffocation or being stuck eventually leading to depression and other health issues.  The result of the beam causes the swirling energy or “chi” to hit the beam and fall straight down resulting in “cutting chi”.

How to fix this problem

Choose a single beam (even if there are more than 1) and add the remedy or “cure”.

Traditional Cure

The traditional cure is to hang “flutes” (2) with one at each end on a 45 degree angle.  Bamboo represents strength and sturdiness; the shape the 2 flutes at 45 degrees represents the traditional Bagua shape and results in good fortune.

Westernized Cure

The cure I prefer; is to hang 2 mineral crystals one at each end of the beam.  Choose the crystals either by the Gua they are in (color works well) or use clear quartz crystals or point crystals; choose which resonates for you.  Wrap them in wire wrap (copper being an excellent choice as it’s a conductor). After wrapping in thin wire make a little circular end to attach it to a nail in the top left and right corners of the beam.  These crystals will do their work in lifting the energy in the room. The size of the crystal should be about the size of your pinkie finger or smaller (if choosing a point crystal).  If choosing a gem crystal; consider one that is a bit larger than a quarter.



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