How to clear and cleanse your home if it’s an apartment?

This is a great question because the most common method suggested and used is “Sage”. However, in an apartment the smoke can be problematic as it smells “funky” and can set off the smoke detector. If using sage, always work in a clock wise direction; use a fan or feathers to fan the smoke and wash your hands when you are done, if you are wearing short sleeves wash up the arm including all exposed skin. Remember you can do this as often as you want.

There are several other great ways that I have learned over the years:

Spray Smudge; there are some very talented herbalists and crystal healers that have “bottled” the sage. You simply spray the atomizer in each room and area of the apartment. Wait a few days and if you feel it’s still “sticky” or you aren’t sure it’s clear enough for you; then go ahead and spray again. Do this until you are comfortable with the feel of the room. Use this spray after strangers/friends/family has been in your home; and especially if there was any discord or anger. Try Senses of the Soul’s White Sage Spiritual Cleansing Spray.

Incense; Dragon’s Blood, Nag Champa, Sandalwood, Frankincense, Myrrh or both are great, but may carry the same problem as the sage with smoke and strong smell.

Candles; mostly these are in addition to the other modalities listed; keep them lit as often as you can. This again can be problematic for an apt. but if you are very careful it will help.

Bells (Tinchas or any brass type bell); ring the bell very loud in all the corners, moving from room to room. Listen for the bell to continue ringing for some time. If the bell quits shortly after ringing, ring it again and again until it resonates for a good length of time. That simply means you have cleared the space.

Clapping; this is another very effective method to disperse energy. Clap in the center of the room; starting low and eventually raising your hands above your head. If you feel it necessary move the corners of the room. You will notice the noise of the clap will be less on your ears and become sharp and clear.

Voice/singing; this is much the same as clapping where you find a tone think of (Do, Re, Me, Fa, So, La, Te). Hum it and work it throughout the house.

Music; surprisingly some music can clear a space; mostly this is in addition to the above modalities along with candles. Kundalini music with mantras has a sound that is carried into the universe and can have an impact. Look for music that is made up of bells, crystal healing bowls, drums and the like. This method should be consistently worked on over time. It may not be as effective as a spray smudge. But it certainly is better than doing nothing.

When preparing to “Clear” your house; set aside an hour to make this event sacred; and be in a good frame of mind. Have some windows open to let the stale energy out and bring in fresh energizing energy. Put some soft music or clearing music to set the mood and infuse that energy along with candles to connect with the higher energies.

Alters; consider setting up an alter or go to your alter and set up the 5 elements of Feng Shui first before you get started; make a ritual of it. The 5 elements are: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood. Consider a bowl of water possibly with some high vibrational flowers (wood) floating in it, have a candle (fire), place a crystal to represent (earth), and if you are using a bell add it for (metal). You will feel the difference!

How do you clear your space? Please share in the comments below!

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