Stairs in Feng Shui

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The location of the stairs in your home is important.

Are your steps directly in line with the front door? Are they located in the middle of the home? Are the risers open at the back?

Feng Shui is a practical art and science that uses practicality as its main approach. When that doesn’t work then the mirrors and crystals are used to help move the energy.

Location: having the stairs directly in line with the front door

Problem: Energy comes down the stairs and exits right out the door

Remedy: place a mirror (small one is fine) over top of the door to reflect the energy back into the house


Remedy: add a 50 mm size clear faceted crystal over top of the last stair step to catch and reflect the energy and disperse it through the home

Location: stairs in the middle of the home. The up and down energy of stairs can disrupt the balance ofthe home for any stairs, but having it in the center where the balance is vital creates a larger imbalance

Remedy: display artwork on the walls (always in a straight line). Following the stair steps with pictures is not a remedy!


Consider wainscoting to draw the eye in a straight (horizontal line)


Consider adding plants or sculpture to anchor and develop the landing space

Stairs with open risers: this type of stair allows the energy to escape and drop through each step. Not allowing the energy to reach the top floor

Remedy: add live plants (usually several) in large and tall sizes. This will keep the energy flowing upward


Adding a window or skylight over the stairs would be an excellent way to remedy this


Adding a large lighting fixture (chandelier) will help energize the area as well

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