Consultation Expectations

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What to Expect with a Home Consult with Karen, The Feng Shui Lady

Karen is a certified Feng Shui Practitioner.  Her approach incorporates a westernized version of ancient Feng Shui principles along with her ability to feel the energies of your home, making her consults unique to you and your needs.  In most cases you will not be asked to use unusual Chinese cures; rather a brief discussion of your values and feeling the energy of your home will allow Karen to know where enhancing your energies need focus. Being open and willing to the practice of Feng Shui can transform the energy of your home and affect your life in many wonderful ways.  Karen will always work with what you have and love and will always recommend clearing the clutter.

An in home Feng Shui consult consists of:

  • A visit to your home (2 – 3 hours)
  • A walk through your home discussing areas of your life and rooms that you feel need improvement
  • Includes the interior of your home and outside front entrance area
  • While Karen is in your home she will ask questions and feel the energy of your space
  • Karen will take pictures of your home and will study them for details that may have been missed and any future conversations you may have

After Karen’s visit to your home, you can expect:

  • a written report explaining the changes discussed
  • a floor plan (not to scale) of your home with a Bagua Map overlay
  • in the report each of the areas of your home according to which Gua will be discussed including enhancements

In keeping with the integrity of Feng Shui and the power of intention, it is imperative that the owner/occupant is both ready and willing to physically and mentally make the change.

You may be asked to move a room around that you lovingly set that way in the first place or, for reasons unknown you aren’t ready to make these changes.  Karen wants you to know that it’s ok to wait to make the changes; doing them in your own time with intention is perfectly alright.

Know that while making the changes you have the option to tweak them to fit “you”.  Karen will always be there every step of the way to help guide you and help understand Feng Shui.

Click here to download the PDF version of the: Feng Shui Consultation Expectation document