Kind Words

My, oh my how this Feng Shui really works!!! The changes that I have experienced in the last few months have been positive and interesting. This New Year has been a strong start to something amazing I can just feel it.
– Michele

How can we thank you enough for the energy, the ingenuity and the dedication – you rock!
- Director of Volunteers, Home of The Sparrow

My fiancé and I had Karen come to our house to explain to us how Feng Shui worked.  I was happy to say that both of us were excited to do anything we could to bring harmony into our lives.  We received a written report on each room in the house and since then have been making great progress.  Since we are getting married in a few months we decided to work on our “love and marriage” room first.  It turned out great and can honestly say that there is a different feel when we go into each room that we work on.  A nice feeling, I can’t explain it but it’s definitely there.

Thanks Karen!
– Tricia

Karen helped me target and clear some key areas of my home and the energy has been flowing ever since! Thanks Karen, can’t wait to see you again for some regular “tune-ups”!
- Jaime

I opened my Feng Shui eyes and I started placing various items around my house and am starting to clear the clutter and also thinking positively about my family/friends/life.  I was waiting for a break with a certain situation and out of the blue I received a phone call and all the negativity had been removed from this situation.  I truly believe that with my positive thought process and this situation was the result of my Feng Shui experience and my visit with Karen Adams.
- Anne

Karen helped me make changes in my living space using mostly things I already had. The effects of the changes were immediate. More specifically, I noticed an increase in my ability to focus and create in my workspace, and I’m able to relax and rest in my bedroom now. Added Bonus – not only does it “feel” better, it looks better too!
- Amy

The verdict is in – our recent apartment renovation was an extraordinary success. OMG, OMG, OMG – what can we say to thank you for your dedicated, continuing and inspired help that made such a difference? Your Feng Shui Treatment of thecommon rooms has made them warm and welcoming. It’s a transformational tour de force!
- CEO, Home of The Sparrow

Karen the Feng Shui Lady helped me come up with the name my house wishes to be called!  She does House Whispering!
Thanks Karen!
- Claire

Dear Karen,
I have already been making changes to the place and the energy is definitely shifting.  Right after you left I started rearranging the bedroom, and bathroom.  I have been on Kijiji selling a whole bunch of stuff that I have been hanging onto!  I plan to paint the wall out this weekend and can’t wait to show you pictures of my place when it’s done!  It was somehow therapeutic to have someone bare witness to my chaos and clutter and show kindness and compassion, as I often have a hard time doing that for myself.  Thank you for the inspiration to change.
- Name Withheld

“Thank you so much your suggestions are great! I will try them. I think you brought up some excellent points. Even though my husband and I have made great efforts to give away stuff we don’t love or use, I have pretty much ignored our crawl space under most of the house that is embarrassingly full of many items that I now intend to donate to a good cause. Unfortunately, I know I am hanging onto the past by not getting rid of the crawl space clutter. I also know why I am doing it (reminder of a lost painful relationship).  I do want to make my marriage better and am ready to make this change. I know how great I felt when we got rid of the stuff in the main part of the house and am going to extend it to the crawl space. Thank you so much! Your words have inspired me!”
- Name Withheld