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I help balance your house elementally according to Feng Shui principles, essentially bringing the outdoors in. In feeling the energy of the home, I can usually detect discord and suggest changes to affect every area of your life.

Your home is a direct reflection as to how your life is going. People struggling with only one area of their life are easily and quickly put back on track and once the area of discord is pointed out, it is usually an obvious “ah ha” moment.

So what is your house telling you? Consider taking the journey to Naturally Open your Feng Shui Eyes.

Experience #1 – Crystal Feng Shui Consultation

Business and Residential consults are done on-site and typically takes 2-3 hours; dependent on size of dwelling.

Written report of findings, suggestions, and remedies for dwelling will be provided 2-3 weeks from the consult.

  • Bagua blueprint for dwelling will be provided alongside the report
  • Crystals will be suggested in the report and on the Bagua Map
  • E-mail correspondence related to the dwelling where the consult took place

Experience #2 – House Whispering

House Whispering is approximately a 1 hour visit and is similar to a Feng Shui Consult with more emphasis on feeling the energy of your home and what your house has to say.

A House Whispering consult includes a written report on what the house is experiencing and what could be improved.  Simply put the house wants it’s occupants to live in harmony within; some suggest changes such as: (add architecture, remove, add or trim trees/plants).  This is always done in a loving pleasant manner and always with the occupants comfort and safety in mind.

Many times the house reveals its name or in a recent case the occupants were asked to apply the name of their choice due to the many changes that had occurred within.  Often the occupants find they develop a deeper connection to their home once the house has “whispered” and the changes are always positive and easily accomplished.

Experience #3 – House Whispering + Feng Shui Consultation

This is the most powerful experience for creating change and harmonizing your home and environment.  Feng Shui will balance your house elementally while the House Whispering uncovers the true wishes of your house and ensures we hear what it has to say!

Contact Karen for additional details and pricing information




Additional Notes

Feng Shui consults work best when all parties who reside in the dwelling are on board and are open and receptive to change.

Karen has talent for using what you currently have and love and “ReDesigning” the environment using Feng Shui principles coupled with aesthetic vision.  Karen won’t hesitate to help you push around that couch, or move that picture to a more ideal spot!